Thursday, 23 January 2014

material for sale

recalls from 2001-2013 till november answers
mastery questions
miscelleneous questions...topic wise
amc mock questions
mega recalls
 hand written  notes
 vmpf hand outs  including psychiatry notes
vmpf questions (3 years) with answers
racgp questions(3 years) with answrs
vmpf images,xrays,ct scans
dr wensels questions
list of important topics topics that appear in exam frequently
notes for immunization, ethics; informed consent, notifiable physician behaviour, I/V fluids, Ischemic heart disease, Obs gynae; hyperemesis gravidarum,induction of labour,listeria in pregnancy,pcos, management of perinatal infections,premature ovarian failure,prolonged pregnancy,rotational forcepssubstance abuse in pregnancy,postpartem psych,post op fever,prophylactic splenectomy,diagnosis and treatment of venous thromoembolism,managing sexually transmitted diseases, anti coagulant use, cancer screening,basic life support,advanced life support,malaria treatment,burns calculation,dialysis,diabetes,childhood rash,copd, end of life care, ecg,fitness to drive and many more

books: tjandra for surgery , amc handbook coloured, annotated coloured, john murtagh coloured, anthology colored royal hospital hand book of peads, harrisons, toronto notes ,dewhurts obs gyne, red book, silver book, green book, blue book and the whole kaplan series, the oxford series(surgery,medicine,emergency medicine),lj for gynae


recalls 2004-2013
books: clinical examination by tally o connor , handbook of clinical assessment

and some helpful material from gp programs i found useful for preparations

IELTs material now added
for all the four modules reading writing speaking and listening
audio included
tips and trips on how to score a band of 7
OET material lots of topics for listening reading writing

different packages for you convienece are avaliable

for details